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Babalola Adesoji and Co. is an expert firm that provides and carries out business as auditors, accountants, and financial and tax experts. We believe in the power of collaboration, and we are committed to helping clients navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected world. At Babalola Adesoji and Co., we are dedicated to helping our clients unlock their full potential while achieving their goals.


Years of experience


Using our expertise and insight to make a positive impact.

Banking and Finance

We help to ensure regulatory compliance, assess risk, and provide financial reporting services.


With complex financial reporting requirements and regulations, We help healthcare providers with their financial statements, audits and others.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations require with tax compliance, financial statement preparation, and fundraising activities.


This industry requires help them with cost accounting, financial statement preparation, and inventory management.

Real Estate

Real estate developers, investors, and managers need firms to help them with financial reporting, valuation, and tax compliance.


Retailers need firms to help them with inventory management, financial reporting, and tax compliance.


With constantly changing accounting standards and complex tax regulations, technology companies need firms to help them with financial reporting and tax compliance


We help them with financial reporting, cost accounting, and tax compliance.

Audit Services

We examine financial statements and accounting records to ensure compliance with accounting principles and regulations. This includes conducting audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements.

Accounting Services

We provide services that involve the preparation of financial statements, general ledger maintenance, and financial analysis to help businesses manage their finances effectively.

Tax Planning and Compliance Services

We provide services that involve the preparation and filing of tax returns, as well as tax planning and strategy to help businesses minimize their tax liabilities.

Training and Development Programs

We also provide training and development programs for clients' employees, as well as consulting services on a wide range of business solution. It's important to choose a firm that has expertise in the specific services that you need, and that can provide personalized, high-quality service that meets your unique needs


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